't Eilandje

"Het Eilandje" is Antwerp's core harbour.

In the 16th century, Gilbert van Schoonbeke designed and executed a  “masterplan” to build the city walls and renovate the road infrastructure, docks and waterways.
At that time the "Eilandje" was created : a piece of city surrounded by water.

Walk with us through the history of this unique part of our city.


Chocolate Walk

Melt it shortly in your mouth, bite it twice or thrice to release the flavours and push the mixture to the roof of your mouth .....  

Chocolate, a magical word for many of us!




It's always fun to visit the Antwerp pubs, especially in the old part of the city.  It's difficult to choose which pubs to visit.

Gerd will be happy to guide you and show you the oldest and cosiest pubs of Antwerp.